Don’t let your pipes freeze this year

Protect yourself from frozen pipes this winter. As you know when water frFrozen Pipeseezes it expands and pipes break. Your pipes are highly at risk any time it gets bellow 20 degrees especially in warmer climates. In areas with colder climates building codes are usually set in anticipation of very low temperatures. Wherever you live you should make sure your pipes are protected to save you unneeded headaches and spending money for water damages. Here are a few tips that can help prevent frozen pipes this winter.

  • If you have a sink on an outside wall open the cabinet door
  • Let the water trickle (running water takes longer to freeze)
  • Have your heating system inspected to insure proper operation all winter.
  • Make sure to keep the heat on even in empty houses during cold weather 75 degrees is recommended for below freezing temperatures.
  • Cut off water flow to outside hose bibs. Newer homes might have a cut off valve in the garage, older homes you might consider installing newer siphoning hose bib or insulating them.
  • Make sure all pipes under crawl spaces are insulated and shut of craw space vents during freezing weather.Frozen pipes
  • Seal your home, this will save you money as well as prevent drafts and cold spots

You should do a winter check every year before it gets cold just to make sure everything is in good order.  Check out your heating system as well as all of your pipes and you well avoid wated damage due to frozen pipes.


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