Moth Treatments & Prevention for Rugs

When you have an expensive wool rug or carpet, the sight of a moth fluttering about can send you into a panic—and well it should. We all know moths and wool are not suitable companions. In our line of work, we’ve heard of moths destroying a $50,000 rug in just a few months. At the first sign of trouble, call Duke Brothers Oriental Rug Cleaning at (757) 780-9073 or book now. We serve Norfolk, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, and surrounding areas.

The Nature of Wool

All wool is treated for moth prevention after it’s sheared off the sheep. If it weren’t, entire batches of wool would be destroyed by moths. As time passes, however, or after washing the rug, the treatment wears off, and then the problem begins.

Fact 1

Moths are again attracted to the rug. They lay their eggs in the wool, and the larvae hatch and quickly eat the wool. The cycle continues.

Fact 2

The problem is compounded by the fact that moths like dark, dusty hidden places where they can work unnoticed. We frequently deal with homes where a couch is sitting on top of a wool rug. Underneath the rug, moths have silently eaten through the wool, and homeowners don’t find the problem unit serious damage has occurred.

Wool Rug Moth Treatment

moth treatment in norfolk va

The best way to get rid of moths is to prevent them from starting. Duke Brothers can help with our rug moth treatment—it’s an add-on to our rug cleaning service. We specialize in cleaning all types of area rugs including Oriental, Navajo, Persian, Moroccan, Chinese, and other natural fiber rugs. Once the solution has dried, it is non-toxic and won’t harm people or pets. However, it makes the carpet taste bad, so the larvae look elsewhere for a meal.

Moth treatment lasts for 10 years or until the rug is washed. It’s wise to examine any hidden areas of your wool rug frequently, and if you notice a moth fluttering in the home, don’t ignore it. Call us immediately. If needed, we also offer rug padding, rug repairs, and pet urine and odor removal services.

We offer the same treatment service if you have wall-to-wall wool carpet. It works as effectively on carpets as it does on rugs. In need of other services? We also offer commercial and residential floor cleaning services for carpet, tile & grout, hardwood flooring, repairs, and upholstery cleaning.

Why Choose Us

At Duke Brothers, customers choose us because we combine the best in technology with the fine art of handwashing rugs and cleaning your carpets and hard surface flooring.

We have a modern 5,000-square-foot shop where we hand-wash rugs.

We use the best equipment in the industry, including Aero Tech in-home carpet cleaning trucks.

Our expert employees are IICRC-trained.

We offer crazy fast dry times.

We can handle large jobs with ease.

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Wool Rug Moth Treatment

Don’t let moths ruin your beautiful wool rug. Protect your investment for the next generation with Duke Brothers moth treatment for rugs. Call (757) 780-9073 or book now. We serve Norfolk, VA, and the surrounding areas including Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Great Neck Manor, and Chic's Beach.