Frequently Asked Questions

We hand wash rugs. First, we inspect, then we test to make sure it is safe to wash, next we dust the rug to remove all dry soil. Then we completely wash and rinse both sides. Next, we spin the rug in a centrifuge to rinse and dry the rug to 90%. Then it is placed in the dry room. Next it is inspected. When the rug is ready, we wrap it in paper for delivery. If it’s not up to our standard, we repeat the process. See our rug cleaning page for more information.

In most cases, yes. See our rug pet urine and odor removal page to learn more.

We charge $3.75 a square foot for washing rugs.

Yes, we can wet clean or dry clean silk rugs.

No, fringe cleaning is included.

Other services we offer are deodorizer, pet decontamination, moth proofing, wool or silk proctor, rug storage, rug repair, ty-veck wrap for storage of rugs and we sell rug pads.

Yes, we have several methods of dealing with problem rugs.

Typically takes 2 weeks. We do offer a 48-hour rush service.

Yes, and free in many cases. At this time, pick up is only offered at our Norfolk, VA location.

Moth proofing prevents moths from eating your wool rugs.

Yes, we do most rug repairs.

Drop off Monday – Friday 10 am- 3pm. Please call us at (757) 780-9073 and let us know when you’re coming. Currently, our drop off services are only available at our Norfolk, VA location.

Cash, check or card. We accept Visa, AMEX, Discover, and Mastercard.