Professional Carpet Cleaning Pet Odor Removal

If your furry family member is in the doghouse with you because he used your carpet to relieve himself, take a breath. Duke Brothers Oriental Rug Cleaning can help. We offer professional carpet cleaning and pet odor removal service for just such emergencies. Call (757) 780-9073 or book now for service in Norfolk, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, and surrounding areas.

We all love our furry family members—but not the messes we sometimes have to clean. If Buster has used your expensive Persian rug instead of the outdoors, we can help with our add-on professional pet urine rug cleaning service.

Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning

We offer three different packages, depending on the level of contamination.

pet urine and stain removal services in norfolk va

Basic Deodorizer Package

Mild to moderate damage


We spread deodorizer over the entire carpet and scrub it in with a CRB, counter-rotating brush.


We extract the deodorizer, clean the carpet, apply another layer of deodorizer, and repeat the process.

Black Light Treatment

Heavy Damage


We use a black light to identify any areas of the carpet or upholstery where urine is present. We sitemap the spots, mix up a deodorizer solution tailored to the level of contamination, saturate the identified areas, and let the solution sit for a while to do its work. We want it to get into the pad (but not the floor) so that it comes in contact with the urine/odor.


Next, we take a compression tool called a claw and hook it to the vacuum hose. We stand on it to compress the carpet into the pad and leave it on for a minute to do a subsurface extraction. It sucks out most of the liquid from the pad so that you have a normal dry time.


We flush it again and remove the water again.

black light pet stain removal in norfolk va
pet stain on rug repadding in norfolk va

*Re-pad Treatment

Extra-heavy damage


We pull the carpet back where the animal has urinated and cut the pad out.


Next, we address the subfloor. Sometimes we seal it. Sometimes it is so saturated with urine that it must be replaced.


Then, we put a new pad in.


We clean the carpet as described above.


Finally, we tretch the carpet.

*Please note. Dogs that urinate on carpets may also pee on drapes or woodwork, so you need to address all areas where odor may exist. Once a dog pees on a carpet, it will typically go back to the same spot repeatedly. The urine can build up to extreme levels.

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In addition, we offer cleaning and repairs for many types of materials and surfaces in your home including the following:

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At Duke Brothers, customers choose us because we combine the best in technology with the fine art of handwashing rugs and cleaning your carpets and hard surface flooring.

We have a modern 5,000-square-foot shop where we hand-wash rugs.

We use the best equipment in the industry, including Aero Tech in-home carpet cleaning trucks.

Our expert employees are IICRC-trained.

We offer crazy fast dry times.

We can handle large jobs with ease.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning for Pet Odors

When you’re faced with a tough pet mess, call in the experts of Duke Brothers Oriental Rug Cleaning. We’ve got the skills and equipment to take on big carpet cleaning and pet odor removal jobs. And if we think the carpet is beyond help, we’ll let you know that also. Call (757) 780-9073 or book now. We serve Norfolk, VA, and the surrounding areas including Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Great Neck Manor, and Lynnwood.