6 Oriental Rug Care Tips You Never Knew You Needed

6 Oriental Rug Care Tips You Never Knew You Needed

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Oriental rugs are timeless, gracing your Norfolk home with their unique charm and intricate craftsmanship. The flair they add to your home is immeasurable, but so is their need for tender, loving care. So, at Duke Brothers Oriental Rug Cleaning, we’ve put together six essential Oriental rug care tips to help you ensure your Oriental rug lives a long and vibrant life.

1. Sweep Rugs Regularly

Let’s kick things off with the most fundamental tip – sweeping your rugs regularly. Everything begins with cleanliness, and rugs are no exception. Rugs capture both our awe and the household dust alike! So, regular cleaning with a vacuum (suction-only; remember, we don’t want to harm those delicate fibers) keeps your rugs in good health. Alternatively, you may opt for gentle sweeping to bid goodbye to dust and debris.

2. Protect Your Rug from Sunlight

Natural sunlight may be your best friend, but it isn’t a friend to your Oriental rug. Continuous exposure to those stern sun rays leads to faded colors and brittle rug fibers. Frequently check your rugs for any sunlight-caused damage and deal with it promptly. We suggest you schedule a professional rug cleaning if the damage isn’t yet substantial.

3. Regularly Rotate Your Rugs

Now, onto our next matter of rug care – rotation. Yes, you heard that right. Oriental rugs are not big fans of monotony. Regularly rotating your rugs ensures even wear, contributing to their longevity. It’s like giving your rugs a new scenery now and then, helping them feel revitalized and reducing higher foot traffic on the rug section you use most often.

4. Store Rugs Responsibly

Moths might seem harmless, fluttering around your lights, but they are a notorious enemy to rugs when they’re being stored. Prevention is key to keeping your rugs safe from these pesky intruders during storage. Start with a thorough rug cleaning and roll your Oriental rug with mothballs strategically placed within. Then, secure them within multiple garbage bags, ensuring a perfect seal.

Or you can consider adding a moth treatment to our professional cleaning service. This treatment prevents larvae from being attracted to the rug and forces them to search elsewhere for a meal.

5. Quickly Manage Spills and Stains

Rugs and spills – they go hand in hand in a busy home. And when it involves your Oriental rug, you must act quickly and wisely to prevent any long-term stains. Remember that patience is key here. Adopt a gentle approach rather than rubbing harshly, which can cause the fibers to fray or color to fade.

Begin by blotting the spill with a clean, dry towel to soak up the excess moisture. Resist the urge to drench the area with water, which could inadvertently deepen the stain or encourage mildew growth. Instead, clean the area with a lightly damped, well-wrung cloth with a gentle, rug-compatible soap. Consider seeking professional help to avoid causing unintentional damage in case of a stubborn stain. 

6. Hire a Professional for Oriental Rug Cleaning

Last but certainly not least, every rug requires a professional deep clean every once in a while. Here at Duke Brothers Oriental Rug Cleaning, we know how to keep your rugs vibrant and fresh. During the cleaning process, we can maintain the color and integrity of your rugs with our specialized cleaning techniques. Unfortunately, if you attempt to deep clean your cherished rug at home, you can stain the rug or cause damage to the fibers. Regarding true rug care, it pays to trust the professionals for periodic cleaning.

Caring for the Oriental rugs in your Norfolk area home doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. Simple, regular Oriental rug care habits can contribute to a longer rug lifespan, keeping the vibrant colors and intricate designs alive. For the ultimate touch of rejuvenation, arrange a professional rug cleaning with Duke Brothers Oriental Rug Cleaning. Contact us at (757) 780-9073 or request a free quote online today!