Don’t turn your spot into a stain

Stain Removal  is impossible.  A spot is what most people call a stain. Stains are permanent and won’t come out, but most of the time you can remove the spot before it becomes a stain. Getting out a spot is a tricky business. The first thing I recommend to do is blot, never rub. Rubbing can work the spot deeper into the carpet or even change the texture of the carpet making it look worse than the spot did. A good spotter to use is Avenge by bridge point. They sell it  under the name Home Pro Spotter for home owners. This is a pretty safe spotter that won’t attract dirt after using it. Another good trick is to use a shop vac to flush out the stain with your spotter. Keep in mind that any thing you do to a sStain Removal      tain that does not get it out can lock it in and make it harder for a professional to get it out. If budget allows call to seclude an appointment with a professional cleaner as soon as possible. I understand that these are tough times and everyone can’t afford to call a cleaner for every little stain, I will be posting more blogs on how professionals  get out some of the tuff stains like Kool-Aid .I’ll also post links where to buy the same stuff that the pros use.

Good luck with your Stain Removal      !

Barry Duke


carpet cleaning service


carpet cleaning service

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