I ran a search online for Oriental rugs storage and was shocked to see how many blogs were saying to store them in plastic. Whatever you do, Oriental rug storage should not be done in plastic! Rugs need to breath and storing them in poly although might keep them dry, can cause major damage such as mildew and rot. The easiest way to store a rug is to find a rug cleaner that has climate controlled storage, make sure to check out their insurance and storage policies. Take pictures of the rug and have it appraised especially with rugs of higher value. If you want to store it yourself here are some tips.

  1. Vacuum and clean the rug” professionally  if possible”
  2. Roll the rug in the direction of the nap top side in
  3. Some people might say top side out especially with silk rugs ,but I disagree in most cases
  4. Use moth crystals to detour moths replace as manufactures recommends on package
  5. Avoid storing at high humidity, 50% humidity at 72 degrees Fahrenheit is acceptable
  6. You can wrap the rug in acid free paper, Cotton sheets  or Tyvex
  7. Keep the rug off the ground “ helps keep critters out”
  8. Store rugs side by side and don’t stack heavy items on themOriental rugs storage
  9. Avoid attics, basement and garages without climate control
  10.  A spare room or under a bed might be a suitable location location
  11. It’s a myth that moth larva won’t eat silk, it’s not their favorite but they will eat it in a pinch
  12. Inspect every 3 months if possible, clean or at least vacuum every 12 months



carpet cleaning service


carpet cleaning service

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