Do all carpet Cleaners clean upholstery

Most people assume that all carpet cleaners know how to clean furniture and most cleaners feel like they should be cleaning upholstery. The fact is that most carpet cleaners don’t have the proper training to clean furniture or all types of upholstery fabrics safely. If a cleaner just has generic prices for a couch, love seat and a chair then chances are they have just bought themselves the cheapest upholstery tool they could find and copied the prices of other budget cleaners. Make sure that the company you choose has technicians trained specifically in upholstery cleaning. The IICRC offers classes in many areas of cleaninClean Furnitureg including upholstery. You can check there site to see if your cleaner is certified. Certified firms sign a code of ethics and agree to train all technicians in the services they offer. There are several different methods to clean upholstery, your cleaner should know how to test and identify the type of fabric your upholstery is for proper pricing and cleaning. In most cases a wet cleaning method will be used. The most common mistake for a cleaner is over wetting. Your furniture should be dry in at least 4 hours or less.

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Barry Duke


carpet cleaning service


carpet cleaning service

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