Dana Huffman

Do you do pick up and delivery? I have two area rugs, oriental, that need deep cleaning. They are currently tolled up in the garage.

Jesse Rice

Took care of my rug! When I decided to invest in an Oriental rug, I knew it had to last. Duke Brothers makes sure that it looks as new as the day I bought it.

Jeff Davis

I come in after working on roofs and have tar on my shoes sometimes. I can’t believe you guys actually got the stains out. I will be calling you back.

Lori Laning

I called Duke Brothers after purchasing a house in Chesapeake. The carpets were dirty and full of cigarette smoke. Duke Brothers was able to get the carpets to look and smell just like new! I would recommend them to everyone!! Thanks Duke Brothers!!

Steve / Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Best carpet cleaning I’ve ever had!They cleaned 4 room for $115.I thought I would have to replace the carpet to sell my house, but they look almost as good as new.Carpets were only 4 years old ,but were supper trashed.
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