Dana Huffman

Do you do pick up and delivery? I have two area rugs, oriental, that need deep cleaning. They are currently tolled up in the garage.

Seaside Carpet Care

Duke brothers is where we send all our oriental customers with their great customer service and quality work they are unbeatable! we recommend them all the time 5 stars to them

Konstantina Tetrimida

Hello I have a small studio that its carpet needs cleaning. It is only a room. How much does it cost?


So very pleased with my rug cleaning! I considered other cleaners in the area but when I contacted Duke Brothers, I was highly impressed with their knowledge and care. Pick up and delivery was fast and courteous, my heirloom hand-braided rug looks great, and I am...


Have an approximately 6’x8′ rug that dogs got sick on. It is wool. Had to use a hose to get the mess off and then hung it up to dry. Would like to get it professionally cleaned. Can I get an estimate for that and did I do the right thing? Thanks....