Portsmouth VA

Portsmouth, Virginia is a beautiful historic port city that has been a piece of American history since its founding. The port has made the city an important landmark throughout the centuries and continues to make the area a unique place to live. We have lived in and served the people in and around Portsmouth, VA for years with our carpet cleaning and oriental rug cleaning businesses. We are very familiar with the traits of the city that make it both a wonderful place to live, but a difficult place to keep carpets looking like new. Fortunately, our experience allows us to better serve our clients and help them make good decisions about carpet care to keep their homes fresh and clean.

Mold prevention and mold remediation are to terms familiar to make homeowners in the area. The damp air from the local port combined with the nearly fifty inches of precipitation received by the area each year often contributes to mold growth. Fortunately, a few simple steps can help prevent this troublesome problem. First, keep the carpets as clean as possible. This means vacuuming regularly and having us in periodically to help with a deep carpet cleaning. Mold loves dirty carpets, and even the dirt hidden far beneath the surface, beyond what the eye can see or a standard vacuum can remove, can be a problem. Also keep rooms with carpets at  humidity around 65 percent or lower and keep the temperature modest as well. If mold does begin to grow, do not panic. Although it is extremely difficult for homeowners to remove mold from carpet on their own, we have years of experience and training at mold remediation and can help you get your home back to the healthy, mold free place it once was.

One of our specialties is also helping clients who are facing water damage on their carpets. We are trained and experienced in helping them restore their carpets, safely remove portions too damaged to be replaced, and getting the home back in the condition it previously was. We can even help those in the Portsmouth, VA area with fire damage and insurance work.

Oriental rugs also deserve special consideration. In general, especially in more moist areas like Portsmouth, VA, we recommend keeping these specialty rugs out of basements, which are damper than the rest of the home. If they do get wet from moisture, a flood, or an accident, it is critical that they are allowed to try out completely. Do not place live plants directly on oriental rugs. If damage from water does occur, make sure you have them professionally cleaned by us, so you can be confident they will be returned in prime condition.

We are a professional, experienced company ready to help you with keeping your home in peak condition. As a local group, we understand the beauty and challenges that come with living in Portsmouth, Virginia. Let us help you tackle these challenges head on so living in the historical city is nothing but a pleasure.

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