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Do you do pick up and delivery? I have two area rugs, oriental, that need deep cleaning. They are currently tolled up in the garage.

Dana Huffman

Duke brothers is where we send all our oriental customers with their great customer service and quality work they are unbeatable! we recommend them all the time 5 stars to them

Seaside Carpet Care

Hello I have a small studio that its carpet needs cleaning. It is only a room. How much does it cost?

Konstantina Tetrimida

So very pleased with my rug cleaning! I considered other cleaners in the area but when I contacted Duke Brothers, I was highly impressed with their knowledge and care. Pick up and delivery was fast and courteous, my heirloom hand-braided rug looks great, and I am pleased to recommend them.


Have an approximately 6’x8′ rug that dogs got sick on. It is wool. Had to use a hose to get the mess off and then hung it up to dry. Would like to get it professionally cleaned. Can I get an estimate for that and did I do the right thing? Thanks.



I have 2 silk oriental rugs, One 5×7 which smells of pet urine and a 2×3 that just needs cleaned. I’m looking for an estimate. Thank you

Mary Jo Yanvary

I have two rental properties in Norfolk. Each time I have had a tenant move out the carpet has had to be clean, repaired or replaced. Each time I call the Duke Brothers, they are always prompt, courteous.

Thank you Duke Brothers!


Katherine Escobar

We have four rugs that are in need of cleaning…an oriental, two cottons and a wool big knubby one. I am unsure of sizes. When can you pick up? Can they give prices upon inspection?

THanks, Tara

Tara Wright

Thank you for the great service. Everyone I spoke with was very professional, courteous and helpful. Thank you Mike and Brenda for cleaning up after my family. Carpets and upholstery look and smell awesome. I will be calling again when I need you. Thank you Duke Brothers!



Oriental Rug Cleaning

My Oriental rug cleaning experience from Duke Brothers was awesome. I had wood floors refinished and I left for an extensive vacation to be out of the house. When I came home my oriental rug had been left rolled up on the deck outside . It had been rained on and smelled of mildew.  I had it cleaned at Duke Brothers it smells great, I’m so happy!

Alice Williams / Oriental Rug Cleaning

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